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Champion of the trades

Skilled trades and heavy industry propel the world forward. At Industrious Group, we know how important it is to grow the tradespeople workforce, to bring new technology solutions to critical industries, and to make operations that rely on motion—stay in motion. And we’re laser-focused on leading the charge.

Our mission

We are a trusted partner, passionately providing innovative technologies and best-in-class engineering to deliver single-source solutions for the modernization, maintenance, and repair of industrial equipment, facilities, and complex manufacturing systems.

We’re powered by partnership

We’re hardworking skilled trades people who work as one, celebrate as one, and service many—providing exceptional products, customer service, and productivity enhancement solutions to heavy industrial machinery and equipment customers.

Our greatest source of pride is the training and development of our Skilled Trades team members. We work tirelessly to attract, retain, and expand our team, so we can continue to grow our capabilities and keep our customers’ critical machinery and equipment working at their peak.

Meet our lifecycle companies that keep critical industries in motion

A legacy of innovation and growth

  • 1941 – 2000
    1941 - 2000
    • 1941 Industrial Welding (Enprotech, Metal Forming) is formed in Lansing, MI
    • 1950 P.E. Technologies (Enprotech, Steel) is formed
    • 1981 Industrial Welding opens Elizabethtown facility
    • 1984 Enprotech Corp (Industrious Group) was founded by Itochu International Inc.
    • 1986 American Hydro is formed in York, PA
    • 1988 Enprotech Corp. acquires Industrial Welding
    • 1997 Enprotech purchases Danly Machine intellectual property related to stamping press designs, engineering, and parts
    • 1998 Itochu International Inc. acquires P.E. Technologies
  • 2001 – 2010
    2001 - 2010
    • 2001 Enprotech purchases Verson intellectual property related to stamping and hydraulic press designs, engineering, and parts
    • 2001 Enprotech Corp acquires PE Technologies, Steel business in La Porte, IN
    • 2005 Enprotech forms an after-market parts and service agreement with Sumitomo Heavy Industries for the North American market
    • 2006 Enprotech forms an agreement with Lien Chieh Machinery (LCM) for co-branded sales and distribution of hydraulic press units, equipment, and parts for the North American market
    • 2009 Enprotech merges the Metal Stamping and Steel divisions to form Enprotech Industrial Technologies
    • 2010 Enprotech opens its first sales office in Mexico
  • 2011 – Present
    2011 - Present
    • 2016 Enprotech forms agreement with Rotem to provide after-market parts and service in the North American market
    • 2018 Enprotech in Saltillo, Mexico officially opens
    • 2023 Enprotech Corp rebrands to Industrious Group Inc.
    • 2023 American Hydro is acquired by Industrious Group

Advancing sustainability

Industrious Group and all our business units are fully committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution by strictly adhering to industry compliance regulations and obligations. And we will continue to evolve our policies and strategies to reduce our carbon footprint through recycled production materials, energy efficient processes, and more.

We’re always looking for new businesses with strong leadership, extensive industry knowledge, a North American focus, and financial stability. To learn more, download our brochure below.

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